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Daito MANABE (Rhizomatiks)
Sleeping Beauty

There are several methods for accessing the 3D data of Perfume. The first is “Structured Light.” This method employs an infrared camera to capture the 3D data of raster graphics illuminated by infrared rays. The second is “Times of Flight.” This method calculates the time that the infrared reflection from the object to the sensor takes, and thereby acquires the 3D data. The third is the “4D Views System.” It analyzes the holographic pictures captured by a color camera, and thereby acquires the 3D data. Nowadays, there are seven kinds of 3D scanning technology. The work 3D Scan System for “Sleeping Beauty” of Perfume Tokyo Dome Tour enables the audience to interact with the stage in a brand new way through the 3D data it captures from the Perfume Tokyo Dome Tour.

  • cubeRandom

  • block

  • cubeStop

  • cubeStop

  • cubeStop

3D Scan System For "Sleeping Beauty" of Perfume Tokyo Dome Tour, 2013, cameras, screen, projector, pc, dimension variable.

Directier: MIKIKO (elevenplay)
Film directer: Kazuaki Seki (ooo)
Creative directer: Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks)
Design: Hiroyasu Kimura
Programming: Satoshi Horii (Rhizomatiks), Yusuke Tomoto (Rhizomatiks)
Computer graphics: Taiyo Kikaku
Produce: P.I.C.S.
Production and planning: AMUSE INC.
Production support: Universal Music LLC